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Status: (Defunct) What's This?
Name: Commune
Address: 20A Duong Ven Ho (Thuy Khue), Tay Ho, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: Drive along the Southern edge of Ho Tay and find us 500m before Lac Long Quan. We are halfway between the Trich Sai and Tinh Lau pagodas

Phone: (+84) (0)24 6684 790
21.05405157011032 105.81196694383834 Category:

Description: Commune is a labour of love bringing together inspirations and ideas from around the world to form the unique cafe/bar/restaurant Hanoi has been missing. Our focus is on serving excellent food and drinks that we create and change to suit the seasons and our moods. We have a stunning setting overlooking Westlake with one of the best views in Hanoi from our terrace and a cosy street-front cafe where you can hide from the day.

Every day we open at 7.30am to serve the finest espresso coffee, plus a great selection of cocktails, beer and wine. We offer daily hot or cold breakfasts, lunch specials and share plates designed with couples and groups in mind.

Friday night from 5 - 8pm is our happy hour to watch the sun set on another big week with a cold beer or cocktail jug special. On weekends we serve all-day recovery breakfasts and our special Bloody Mary is always there is you need it.

Join us for food, drink and conversation from 7.30am - midnight everyday (5pm close Mondays).

Rating: 4.03 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 36 reviews.

Restaurant Type:
Sit-down restaurant
Opening Hours:
Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening, Late
Excellent coffee, all day breakfasts, share plates, cocktails and great wines
Take Out:
Commune has taken control of Commune's TNH web presence.
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36 Reviews (Followed by 18 users)

September 22nd, 2012 at 9:43 am

My mother always said, if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all. But in this instance I feel I need to. Ok.. maybe one star is a little harsh. Although I have to share MY experience with Commune. I heard nothing but good things about this place from friends who have left and friends that are still here. If you look at my other posts, you will see that I only post 4-5 star experiences. I don't feel that sharing my experience of negativity is all that useful to people unless it's a fundamental flaw in a place. Commune is one of them.

I am sure the food is great, and atmosphere was cool and the menus etc etc.. But this is my girlfriends and my experience.

We arrived mid morning and there were no seats on the rooftop and were told when we arrived in the door that we could not go upstairs because it was full. We were offered a seat in the front room. There was a man and his young son in there eating breakfast and since myself and my girlfriend smoke, we didn't want to do that around the kid in an enclosed room. So we asked if we could wait for a patio seat when it comes available since we were not in any hurry. They said they would let us know. I went upstairs while waiting and as I went upstairs, I was told again it was full, I let them know I was just looking around and climbed the stairs to the patio. There were some groups of people sitting eating, enjoying life, playing checkers in the awesome sunny saturday morning overlooking west lake. I went back downstairs and we sat outside smoking and simply taking in the surroundings. We saw two girls showup on a motorbike and go inside, we also saw a guy solo, and then another anorexic westerner get off the back of a motobike taxi handing the driver a 50,000 dong note and as she was arriving, and walking inside, there was a large group leaving some of which I recognized from the patio. We followed the skinny girl up the stairs with our hostess behind us, and when we arrived to the patio I was shocked to see it was still full. The side room with no view to the right was empty now. I looked over to the middle tall table where two people were playing checkers and sitting next to them reading books were the two girls that had arrived on the motorbike about 10 minutes earlier. The hostess directed us in the side room and we sat down. We watched the patio and could see that the two girls had taken our seats. When we asked the waitress about it, she said they were meeting friends that were already there.

We decided to leave instead of waiting another 20-30 minutes to go sit in the sun and enjoy our brunch. On the way downstairs we spoke with the Australian male who appeared to be running the place and I later found was the manager.

This is where it goes south and the ENTIRE reason why I write this review. When letting him know that two girls had taken our seats he asks his staff what happened, they say that they were sitting with friends, who they were not as the people playing checkers and those girls were not talking looking or even sitting close to eachother. The Ausie then says arrogantly "well... I'm not going to have people move their seats simply because you have been waiting" I was shocked... I was patiently waiting and why weren't they told like us that the top was full and allowed to go up and sit? If their friends had left, and gave them their seats, that's not right either. So I said to the manager.. "then I wont be back" to which he replies......"NO WORRIES"

This is unprofessional and arrogant. As a customer (or in my case potential as I hadn't bought anything yet) the way to handle a problem isn't to blow someone off completely then tell them no worries when they say they won't come back. This attitude alone made me realize that maybe this place has a complacency that affords them this arrogance. Maybe they don't need my business... I am sure they don't. I am sure the food is great and service is from what I hear marginal. But with a manager who treats customers this? I will not support a place that thinks they can treat people poorly simply because they have some current success which will be short lived no matter how good the food is. The restaurant biz is one of great service and great food.. miss one and you miss the boat. I expect more out of a manager.
So we ended up next door at the Vegetarian place.... AWESOME!!! They were polar opposites, kind, accomodating, and the food was some of the best vegetarian we have had in the world. I highly recommend this place!!! But will spread our negative experience about Commune to all who ask.

no photo available
May 9th, 2014 at 9:40 am

Really gone down hill.
Though the decor is wonderfully arty, the food was not what we remembered. The penne and meatballs could have done without the bits of cartilage. The staff were rude, entering the premises is confusing and needs signage, the website is filled with Lorem Ipsum, and the map pin appears to be at the wrong location.
Really gone down hill.

no photo available
May 23rd, 2012 at 3:48 pm

This is such a refreshing place to go to. I've been there a few times now at different times of the day.

There cocktails are REAL cocktails...Damn, a whiskey sour made with lemon juice! A martini that is ice-cold? YES. Thank you.

As for the food: the hummus plate is something I had to order 2 plates of. I can't get enough. The 'grown-up' macaroni and cheese..? Well, I'd say something about it, but I'm afraid it'd be a cheesy one-liner.
For God's sake, order the ribs. Those ribs are to die for.

Then there was the breakfast...I've strolled in late on a Sunday and found that they have all-day breakfast on Sundays. Ordered eggs, roasted potatoes, bacon, sausage, roasted tomatoes, and toast. A bloody mary was in the works as well. Important note: vegemite and tabasco were on hand.

After it all, I ordered a latte. Thank you Commune for giving a damn about your coffee. The milk was textured and sweet and the espresso wasn't bitter.

WHAT ARE YOU COMMUNE? A cafe? A bar? A small restaurant? Whatever you are, don't stop. I need you in my life to balance out all the other places that 'fake the funk'.

I ate, I enjoyed the best view of West Lake, and I forgot about all the woes of my week. It was glorious.

Honestly, do yourself a favor and check it out. It has yet to disappoint my tastebuds once.

June 12th, 2012 at 1:01 pm

After reading many nice reviews, i gave this place a shot.After Pho, Bun ga, Croissants, toasts, cereals... We were very happy to go for a new place for our relaxing Sunday breakfast too. This is a place that has all the things we want: real coffee for my big guy, mash potato and sausage and even a custom way of making eggs for my little one and a hangover breakfast for mummy! we loved it. Good atmosphere,nice decor, beautiful view, friendly staff,. Well done you guys.

no photo available
June 26th, 2014 at 6:21 pm

I really hate to say it but i agree with another reviewer, the food AND drinks have gone down hill.

The food is all bland now, which it wasnt before also portion sizes have been changed by putting meals on smaller plates which is a bit of a con considering its the same price

Smoothies tast disgusting the last time i went in there, dont know why, just tasted watery and not enough flavor in there.

Its a real shame because last year it was great! But now its just got worse, i really hope that they change something soon otherwise they're going to run out of business completely, i never see anyone in there anymore!

I will happily change this review up to 5 stars if they start making some changes but recently i feel robbed everytime i order food or drink there


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