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2 pairs of real leather boots one new, one second hand


I have two pairs of boots which are really good. I brought them in the US but because I need to travel while those are quite heavy, I want to sell them with a low price just to let somebody have it.

The totally new pair of cowboy boots weigh 1kg for women cost $135 (Ariat size EUR 37.5; UK 4.5M; US 7B)
The used cowboy boots for man weigh 1.5 kg cost $100 (Red Wing size EUR 42.0; UK 8; US 9)

Also, one cowboy hat with covering bag you can take with the price of $14

You can buy either one or both of the pairs if you like to give your girl or boy friends a strong present. If you take care
of them, they will last 10 years.

Here is my Vietnamese girlfriend if you need to speak in Vietnamese: 01682135425.
My name is David: 0911752657

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Posted on Friday, April 21 by free as the wind

phone number 01682135425
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