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Dear TNH,

If you plan to learn Vietnamese with a passionate and supportive teacher, in Hanoi, at a reasonable price, my lessons are for you.

I am Hoang Bich Son. I majored in Linguistics at a major university, and have 6 years of teaching experiences. I have visited some countries such as Japan, ThaiLand, Australia. So, I understand that you need an educated native teacher, who can help to improve your language skills, by providing you with intensive lessons at all levels and with a wide range of materials on Pronunciation, Vocabularies and Grammar.

The lessons will be taught easily but effectively at anywhere that suits you best, at your home or in a café, for example, and are reasonably priced.

Studying with me, you will gain good understanding the rule to master Vietnamese, the rule that many other tutors can give you as they may not have a linguistics and teaching background. The logic to combine vowels and consonants is very important for you to have full proficiency in Vietnamese. Some combinations are awkward, but some are not. And you will speak as decently as a Hanoian does if you join my class from the beginning.

And don't hesitate to contact me at: hoangbichson@gmail.com
or drop me a call at 0915 394 795
or visit me at room 404, 4th floor, TT Du Lich, 162A lane, Ton Duc Thang Str., Dong Da dist., HN

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Posted on Monday, July 17 by sonn

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