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Hanoi International Kindergarten

Name: Hanoi International Kindergarten
Address: #28, Ngo 52 To Ngoc Van, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: From Au Co or Xuan Dieu, turn on To Ngoc Van. Continue about 350m until you see our school on the right.

Phone: +84 4 37191248
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Description: International curriculum for 14 months to 6 years, including cooking, dancing, gardening, drama and music
Spacious, bright, modern facilities, including large indoor/outdoor play area
Currently children from over 20 countries enrolled

Rating: 4.11 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 9 reviews.

3 reviews

address icon No. 98, To Ngoc Van Street, , Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon +84 437199706

As a fashion lover, I really want to join in fashion industry and develop my career as a fashion designer and stylist. However I didn’t know how to start. The course at LCFS gives me a board view about fashion, beside design, pattern cutting etc, I also learnt about trend forecasting and busine...

9 Reviews (Followed by 12 users)

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April 5th, 2017 at 4:31 am

My son attended this school for the past 2+ years and unfortunately we have seen the school fall quickly downhill in that time. The quality of the school is not up to the high price of the fees. We have loved his teachers but in the past months many good teachers and staff left the school for mysterious reasons. The principals has changed several times in 2 years and the current principal/front of house seems very young and inexperienced in education and childcare. Also there are about half as many students there now as there had been when we arrived. We and many parents see a lot of secrets going on with the school and information is not shared. We wonder about the owner, who says she is director, name is Chung Gilliand Pham? and we have heard many negative stories about this person from different people living in Hanoi for a long time. At the school, she has harsh policies with families and also treats certain families different to others. She is not friendly and seems to be owning the school only for the money. We think that for the price she is asking for the care (9,000+ us dollars for 1 year) we can get much better quality of care somewhere else in Hanoi and we will be changing our son's schooling for next year. We will bring him instead to UNIS or to Systems little house.

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September 6th, 2012 at 11:48 am

Our son was enrolled in HIK from the time he was almost 2 years old and remained there for just over 3 years until this past June.

During his time at HIK he was always happy at school, excited to go each day, and seemed to be learning well. Needless to say, we felt that we had received good value for our money. However, we have only one child so we really didn't have any benchmark to compare HIK with.

This past June we left Hanoi and returned to our home country where our son has just joined the 1st grade.

On the first day of school we took our son to meet his new teacher and classmates. During the introduction, the teacher held up a sign and asked the kids if they recognized any of the letters. Our son looked up momentarily, phonically sounded out the letters, and then promptly read the title of the sign. The class and teachers were speechless.

When I returned to pick him up, he teacher told me several things that he had done all day.

One of the activities that day was to talk about things in the room. This particular room had pictures of the flags of the world around the walls. His teacher told me that he know almost ALL of the flags and where several of the countries were. His teacher said, "their are 7th graders here who don't know those things!" His new teacher said that she was very impressed with many of his academic abilities and general nature.

Now that I have a benchmark, I can categorically state that HIK is one of the very best Kindergarten schools - anywhere - without question!

I am willing to be contacted for specific details about HIK. It's a great school and warm, welcoming environment for a young child.

June 27th, 2013 at 1:37 pm

HIK is a fantastic nursery/ kindergarten school. My four year old son Finn was lucky enough to attend HIK for one year and we only left because my husband was re-located due to work.

The biggest asset this school has is their staff. Finn’s International and local staff were amazing – they were qualified, creative, caring and fun. My son was very shy and required a lot of encouragement and nurturing, and this was given by all staff, not excluding the genuine admin and kitchen staff. HIK was like an extended family, where all teachers were responsible and cared for all students – not just their own. My son still fondly talks about the ‘Mickey Mouse school’.

The curriculum was also excellent, well structured and resourced. Finn was in a class of 14 students (he was in one of the biggest classes in the school), with one international teacher and two local teachers – all qualified. I received a detailed weekly up-date, and would always see at least one of his teachers at pick-up time and hear a funny story about my son’s day. My son loved the food. A large range of healthy western and local food, it always included fruit and healthy snacks for morning and afternoon tea.

This school is really a gem – international, it still embraces the beauty of the Vietnamese culture and other cultures from around the world. I highly recommend this school to anyone in the area.

June 7th, 2013 at 11:07 am

Sam was at school in HCM city at Saigon Kids before we came to Hanoi. I was worried a school could not be found as good as the one we had left behind. I had no need to worry! HIK has been a delightful and rewarding experience for all of us, not just Sam. The school facility is excellent, the staff are first class and great communications keep you well informed. It's testament to the quality and enjoyment of the school when Sam says he doesn't really like the weekends off as he'd much rather be at school. HIK is highly recommended, tạm biệt HIK, you'll be missed.

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June 4th, 2013 at 9:41 am

Dear HIK Teachers,
Time flies quietly, 4 years have passed. We still remember the first day our son, Norman attended HIK when he was only 15 months. He cried and cried a lot because we put him in HIK a little bit earlier than other kids. But we tried to be patient on those other days, we knew that the effort will be indirectly rewarded. And then day by day, HIK made incredible change s in our son. He is very independent, responsible, and smart now. He is always inspired by learning new things from the world.That is a beautiful difference in the life of our son in upcoming years.
As a mother, I am thanking you for your time and efforts in shaping our son and preparing him for the unknown, uncertain future that is ripe with possibility. Thank you for all you have done to help our son love learning. That is the mark of great teachers. He has enjoyed being in your classes and we will always remember the time he spent with you.
You have done a tremendous job for our son. And your job will have a positive impact on our son’s life. It is a gift to him.
With all our heart and respect thank you again for your hard work!
We will NEVER forget HIK!

Special thanks to: Ms Nadia, Mrs Ha and other Mrs Ha ( two Mrs Has as Norman said ), Ms Kieu, Ms Anji, Ms Rachel, Ms Lian, Ms Lap, Ms Becky, Ms Toan. Did I miss anyone? Thank you all.

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