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Hong Ngoc Hospital (Yen Ninh)

Name: Hong Ngoc Hospital (Yen Ninh)
Address: 55 Yen Ninh, Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: On Yen Ninh South of Nguyen Truong To

Phone: (+84) (0)2439 275 56
21.04253694527718 105.84420731663158 Category:

Description: A small, privately owned general hospital featuring good doctors moonlighting from Hanoi's major hospitals.

Established in 2003, Hong Ngoc General Hospital is located right in the heart of the capital city of Hanoi and features an unique ‘hospital – hotel’ approach with more than 200 international standard patient beds.

Equipped with advanced and full-range health facilities and systems and mannaged by a highly experienced staff of medical professors and doctors, Hong Ngoc General Hospital is competent to provide medical services to meet all health care needs.

Hong Ngoc general Hospital has full departments :
- E.N.T department.
- General internal medicine department
- Maternity and gynaecology centre
- Ophthalmological department
- Psychological consultation
- Aesthetic surgery and spa
- Genneral surgical department
- Physiotherapy- rehabilitation
- Diagnostic imaging department
- Paediatric centre
- Dental centre
Come to us and see for yourself how your every need is satisfied with our dedicated and professional nursing and supporting team.

Hong Ngoc hospital is undoubtedly “the place to trust”

*Currently, Hong Ngoc General hospital has the following services:

- Transport services
- Visit patients at home
- Spa & beauty services
- Conference palace
- Appointment (Book appointment by telephone, online book appointment, Book an Appointment)
- Medical reserve.
- VIP sevice (Ruby card, Gold card, Siliver card)
- Maternity and birth services
+ Basic service package for maternity
+ Basic service package of birth

* Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance and We would be happy to assist you .
Hong Ngoc General Hospital
Address : No 55 Yên Ninh St , Dist Ba Đình , Hà Nội
Email : Marketing@hongngochospital.vn
Website: www.hongngochospital.vn
Phone : (84-4) 39 275 568; (84-4) 37 3058880
Aesthetics Phone : (84-4) 37 164 288; (84-4) 223 007 02
Emergency Phone : (84-4) 39 275 568

Rating: 4.28 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 32 reviews.

0 reviews

address icon 33A lane 35 Cat Linh, Đống Đa, Hanoi

phone number icon 0904228482

32 Reviews (Followed by 25 users)

April 9th, 2017 at 10:06 am

I really was just guessing and self medicating my problem, but Hong Ngoc gave me excellent care today. Yes, somewhat of a problem with language, but I feel my diagnosis was top notch. I feel I picked the best medical option for me today.

no photo available
December 17th, 2016 at 11:48 am

Had an implant removed from my foot. They called a famous doctor from another hospital to come do it. People are very friendly and the place is very clean. The price can't be beat for this kind of service. Extremely happy.

September 13th, 2015 at 9:13 am

Best price/quality in Hanoi. Very clean, very attentive staff. May need to bring a Vietnamese along to help translate.

In Sapa eating dog!!!!
October 16th, 2012 at 11:10 pm

I have been a strong supporter and my family always visited if there were any minor or emergency basic health issues.

Well last night I was truly disappointed in their service and standard of care.

My daughter decided to put something in her mouth and it became lodged in her throat. Luckily not completely obstructing her airway.

Shortly after the gagging noise started blood started dripping out of her mouth and that is when I got the phone call while I was at work and told my wife to take baby to the hospital immediately. Upon my wife arriving they TURNED HER AWAY. Saying that at night they don't have a doctor who handles nose mouth or throat issues!

If my daughter wasn't having as far as I was concerned emergency qualifying issues I would have been knocking heads together to get someone to look down my choking daughters throat!

We were instructed to go to 37 Hai Ba Trung and we walked in the doctor looked and pulled out the object made sure the bleeding stopped. In out and paid under 5 minutes!

I am appalled and shocked that a choking 2yo was turned away In a situation like this and I can no longer recommend this hospital.


After phone calls have gone unreturned and emails ignored I now have no support or reason to believe these people are worth using anymore unless you are lucky enough to never have any medical problems happen after 5pm.


So after calling them one more time and refusing to wait to have them call back I finally made some headway and got to talk to some of the management.

While I was talking with management they asked to set up a meeting so that I could discuss in more detail what exactly happened. I accepted their request.

I went to the hospital and was greeted by who I assume was the Hospital's PR Director. He introduced himself and took me to a conference room where I was introduced to the Chief of Medical Staff. The first thing that he said was, "He was very sorry that something like this happened".

He sat down and we started talking about how this incident happened day and time attitude of staff and whether or not we were introduced to a doctor before being turned away. I really felt that he was asking the right questions and making things right by me.

After breaking down the whole situation with the PR Director and Chief of Medical Staff they called in the Nurse's manager in charge and explained what happened.

I do truly feel that measures are being taken to make sure something like this isn't going to happen again and that the management once I finally made contact with them took the right approach and answered most of my questions and are currently taking the appropriate action to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Luckily nothing damaging or permanent happened to my daughter.

I am going to review my star rating based on these new events that have unfolded and give them the benefit of the doubt after being happy with their service for nearly 3 years prior to this incident and bump them up to 4 for their handling of my complaint and questions and I truly feel that they were very sorry and have offered a follow up on my daughter to make sure everything is ok with her.

Click here to view what Hong Ngoc Hospital (Yen Ninh) replied about 54 months ago
Hong Ngoc Hospital (Yen Ninh) replied to Longh about 54 months ago
Dear Madam,

I'm deeply sorry for the unfortunate service we provided to your daughter.

With your comment, we hosted an urgent meeting with the night-shift team and actions were taken in order to maintain a better service.

We are trying our best to improve the service care for foreigners, so that there will be no more similar cases.

We hope your daughter is getting better soon.


Dear Sir,

Thanks for your compliment!
I hope you always believe in our hospital

Bunches of thanks
July 29th, 2010 at 11:50 am

After a bad experience at the French hospital, I first visited the Hong Ngoc a few months ago, and really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Firstly the hospital has moved a few doors down the road to 55 Yen Ninh, so the photo and map location listed here are of the old building, and wrong, but the address is correct.
Secondly when you arrive through the main door it’s a little confusing, because there is no reception desk on level 1 or anyone to ask any questions of, just a large pharmacy and waiting area. After standing around looking puzzled for a while, I was surrounded by a gaggle of young nurses who tried to help me, without really speaking any English, but I realised that I needed to go upstairs.

So once you know that the reception / main desk is on the 2nd floor you’re half way there. Head one floor up and the desk is in the middle of the room – you can’t miss it.

The Hong Ngoc is not billed as an international English speaking hospital, however you can general find someone who speaks good English. There are a couple on the reception desk, and if they are not there someone will go and find one for you. It’s very efficiently run and you never have to wait long to be seen, even without an appointment. All the doctors that I have seen have spoken at least enough English for us to get by and understand each other, but others speak very good English.

The hospital looks like a private western hospital, is very clean and seems to have the latest equipment that you would expect if you were back home. There also appears to be a very wide range of expertise available in the different fields of medicine.

Armed with a little patience and a sense of humour (as always in Hanoi!) the Hong Ngoc is a very good option, and since my first visit I’ve been there several times and have been very happy with the level of service from doctors and nursing staff. In addition the prices are incredibly reasonable for the service that you get, and dramatically cheaper than the French Hospital.

Everyone is very friendly and genuinely want to help you with whatever problem you have, which as far as I’m concerned makes it stand out from the other hospital options available.

If you like Hong Ngoc Hospital (Yen Ninh)...

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