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Discussion "internation schools in hanoi?" in "Parenting in Hanoi"

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Posted about 19 months ago by Happyday

internation schools in hanoi?

Hi all,

We are moving to Hanoi and are so excited!!!

We have 2 kids: girl of 4 years old and boy of 7. We are wondering what are the options for International schools in Hanoi? I heard of UNIS but there school fee is quite over our budget, hmm...

Any other suggestions are VERY MUCH appreciated!

We are also looking for Hanoi parenting groups where we can exchange ideas, tips... of parenting ;))) in Hanoi, play dates, where to go for family holiday, etc... ?

Thanks loads and hope to see you soon!!!

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answered about 14 months ago by nath75
no photo available

Hello, did you find a school? we are thinking if moving in to Hanoi, also with two kids similar to yours. Any advice on the schools?

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