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Discussion "Photo club or meetings?" in "Hanoi Photography "

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Posted about 4 months ago by Bilbo15
no photo available

Photo club or meetings?


I just arrived in Hanoi and planned to stay here for a long time (if possible!). I really love photography (as amateur) and I would like to meet other people with the same passion to share with them, learn things and just talk!
Do you know if there are photography clubs that exist here in Hanoi? Would people be interested to organize a meet up on week end?

If you're interested or have information, just let us know!

See you

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answered about 4 months ago by Bilbo15
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answered about 3 months ago by Bilbo15
no photo available

No photographer in Hanoi so!

answered about 3 months ago by DaiN
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Here are some forums you can look for some people with same passions

Good luck.

answered about 3 months ago by hungkinhyeu
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I have been in photography for years, eventhough I am an amateur myself. The thing is that I am only in film photography and only interest in female nude form.

Having said that, I am open to conversation and happy to talk over few beers or coffee during the weekend.

Contact me by email: diachiday@gmail.com.

By the way, welcome to Hanoi.

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