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Here are the top tags that have been made by TNH users; their size is a rough indicator of their relative popularity; each tag links to a page that shows everything that has had that tag applied.

accessories, acoustic, alternative, apartment, art, atk, baby, bakery, band, bar, bass, bbq, beauty, beer, bicycle, bike, book, books, breakfast, buffet, business, buy, cafe, CAMA, CAMA ATK, center, charity, cheap, chicken, children, christmas, cinema, city, class, classes, clothes, clothing, club, cocktail, cocktails, coffee, computer, concert, cooking, cuisine, culture, dance, dancing, delivery, design, dinner, disco, dj, djs, dog, drink, drinks, education, efl, electro, electronic, embassy, english, entertainment, esl, event, events, exhibition, expat, family, fashion, festival, film, fitness, food, football, free, free entry, french, friends, fun, funk, furniture, FVH, gallery, games, garden, gas, guitar, gym, hair, hanoi, health, help, hiphop, holiday, hotel, Hotels Guesthouses, house, housing, indie, international, internet, italian, japanese, jazz, kids, kindergarten, language, lEspace, lessons, live, live music, livemusic, lounge, lunch, market, massage, meeting, meetup, money, motorbike, motorcycle, Movie, music, networking, new, ngo, Nguyen Khanh Toan, night, nightlife, of, painting, party, pasta, performance, photo, photography, pizza, pool, private, promotion, pub, quiz, reggae, rent, rental, repair, restaurant, restaurants, rock, rugby, saigon, salon, Sapa, school, seafood, service, shipping, shoes, shop, shopping, show, soul, spa, sport, sports, steak, sushi, tailor, tay ho, tea, teacher, teaching, techno, tet, theatre, tour, tourism, tours, toys, traditional, travel, tutor, tv, vegetarian, vietnam, vietnamese, visa, volunteer, water, weekend, western, westlake, wifi, wine, women, work, yoga