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Pinky Moon

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Name: Pinky Moon
Address: 28 Hang Hanh, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: Just west of the north side of Hoan Kiem Lake on the street that becomes Bao Khanh.

Phone: (+84) (0)24 38285043
21.03147476017546 105.85026741027832 Category:

Description: A small cafe and bar.
Rating: 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 3 reviews.

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0 reviews

address icon 62 Yen Phu Doi, Ba Đình, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)24 3927 339

3 Reviews

February 9th, 2009 at 8:42 am

I was thoroughly hammered when I stumbled out of Polite Pub after far too many zintonics. It was through blurred vision that I noticed a little man standing in front of an even littler bar. It was called Pinky Moon. "Come in, Sir." The little man suggested. I looked up at the sign. " Is this a whorehouse?" I asked, dubiously, regarding my invitee suspiciously. He looked at me blankly with no comprehension of question asked. " Boom Boom girls inside?" I simplified. "No boom boom girl. Only drink and food." He assured me. "Well alright then. Sign me up you magnificent bastard." I slapped him on the back as he led me in to a closet with a tiny bar and a few tables. It was just the bartender and I, and I felt like I was in a Twin Peaks dream sequence. I ordered a beer and advised the bartender to keep his thumb off the scale. He smiled for lack of anything better to do. I spent a couple hours locked in a heated staring contest with a large rat under the stairs. I eventually let him win, because he was a little bigger than me. Five beers later, I was actually more sober than I was when I walked in. I paid my bill and walked back into the quiet night. I told the little man out front that I loved him more than pistachio ice-cream and once again he just looked at me. I haven't returned since that wonderfully odd evening as I don't want my alcohol driven, surreal memory of that place to be challenged by reality. But you should totally go. Say hi to that big bastard under the stairs for me and tell him we shall meet again.

November 6th, 2008 at 5:51 am

Pinky Moon has the history, with its connections to Inside, Lighthouse, Casablanca and a rather nice resort down in Hoa Binh. All it lacks is space. While the somewhat cramped downstairs offers you a view of the street, of course, upstairs could be anywhere, anytime. But it's always, always open, so I'm not sure why it's always, always empty. Not a great place by any stretch, but when the cops have closed down every conceivable watering hole in good ole Hanoi, you'll likely find Pinky Moon is still open for business.

In the Temple of Literature
September 17th, 2008 at 7:55 am

This is one of those bars on the Bao Khanh/Hang Hanh "strip" where waiters are constantly beckoning you to come in.

The liquor drinks were surprisingly cheap - like 25-30000. The menu says "Happy Hours 9 am - 11:30 pm" so you could conceivably have a long day here.

Inside it's a bit grubby. I explored upstairs - and upstairs - and upstairs and saw room after identical room before I got tired of ascending and fled back to my beer.

Nothing special, maybe a nice place to visit for variety.

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