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Name: Q-CUT!
Address: 53 Au Co, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: next To Xuan Dieu Steet. Very close to the L's place

Phone: 0126-358-0028
21.06104952145391 105.83264279361174 Category:

Description: A hair salon previously located at 51 Truc Bach.
Rating: 4.57 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 42 reviews.

42 Reviews (Followed by 26 users)

no photo available
December 10th, 2016 at 7:08 am

This was the first time in my life that I walked out of a hair salon during the session. I showed my hair dresser a picture of a simple men's haircut. The guy asked me strange questions about which tools and techniques to use, which I neither know nor care about. He started with scissors, changed to a machine, and it became obvious after two minutes that he didn't know how to cut hair, which is unfortunate for a hair dresser. So I stood up and left.

I cannot recommend the place.

no photo available
June 12th, 2016 at 5:52 pm

Fantastic hairdresser!

Toni really takes the time to listen to clients and gives honest feedback. The whole team was friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommending this hair salon to anyone looking for a professional and enjoyable experience!

Thanks again :)

no photo available
February 9th, 2016 at 3:17 am

After reading many positive reviews on Toni's service, I decided to not only cut, but also dye and perm my hair at his salon. What a huge mistake!

My first thought was, he and his team are not nearly as friendly as reviewers had made them out to be. My second thought, they are friendly to everyone else here... With a quick scroll through the reviews left below, it becomes apparent that his client base consists largely of foreigners and a walk into the salon confirms this instantly. I happen to be a born-and-raised Australian girl who is Vietnamese. Being in Vietnam, I started off by speaking Vietnamese, but also spoke in English when there were words I couldn't translate. Almost every time, Toni pretended as if he didn't understand me. But you'd get a person from the UK or France come in and his English was fluent as fluent could be! He was rude to his Vietnamese clients but not his foreign clients - how ironic! This was really just the beginning.

When I was initially consulting with him about what I wanted to have done, he was very distracted, answering a question of mine and then turning to someone else while I was still speaking. I felt like I had to constantly fight for his attention. In the end I reluctantly told him I'd like a cut, dye and perm (my mother opted for the same, and my sister wanted a dye, making us by far, his biggest clients that day).

The first and only positive experience I had that day was the hair-dying which they started with. I have very thin hair and asked the guy dying it to be gentle. He happily obliged and very carefully handled my hair.

Second, the cut. I showed Toni how much I wanted trimmed off but he kept recommending that I cut it shorter so that it is healthier. I insisted that I liked my length and to leave it. He then recommended layers which I agreed to. He ended up cutting my hair up to where I had agreed to let him layer, and layered it even further up. Further, he did the most substandard job with the cut that both sides didn't even match. I had asked for a natural-looking trim. My sister asked me later if I had asked for a straight cut... As soon as he'd finished cutting, he sent me off to the next team member almost instantly to have my hair permed. I didn't have a chance to analyse my hair or to tell him to fix anything which in hindsight I should have insisted on.

Lastly, the perm. I showed the team how big I wanted my curls to be. Instead of telling me that it couldn't be done, they began anyway, assuring me that in the end it will look great. After putting in a treatment, a team member (the one with brushed back hair with blonde tips - I really, really began to hate this guy) began to wash my hair. As with the previous member, I asked him to proceed gently. He was the opposite of gentle with me, pulling on my hair and knocking my head around while washing it. He never conditioned it after using shampoo and later proceeded to brush it roughly while it was still wet. There were knots at the ends, expected while hair is still half-wet and not conditioned and he kept pulling on them. My neck was always cranked significantly to the side where he was brushing because he kept on pulling instead of detangling! When Toni walked by, the team member smirked at him, basically saying, "this girls' hair is killing me" which absolutely pissed me off. My hair is (or was) long and soft - Asian hair!

When preparing my hair for the hot rollers, the same team member forgot to place the white pillow-like heat pads on my head first so that the rollers wouldn't burn my head off! As it slowly heated up, I started sweating and thinking - "Woaaah, this is getting really hot!" As I had never had my hair permed, it never occurred to me that he had missed a step. This quickly turned into, "Please get this off me, it's burning me!!!!!!!" which is when Toni realised that nobody had placed the pads on first. Just imagine 9 hair curlers sitting directly on your scalp and you'll be able to feel my pain from that day. As if that experience wasn't bad enough, when they finally took out the curls, they looked horrifying! But they blow dried and curled it to hide this fact. It wasn't until I washed my hair a couple of days later and let it dry that I saw that it looked nothing like they had told me it would look. For lack of a better comparison, the ends of my hair looked and felt almost like what you'd find on your lower genitals. Yes, that f-cking bad.

My sister has asked me to note on top of everything else that, they made her wait so long for her hair-dye consultation that she decided that she only wanted a wash and blowdry... They asked her to wait. Another customer came, had his hair cut and left. Then another. And another. She kept on waiting until Toni had let at least 5 customers push in in front of her. She was so disgusted that she ended up leaving and had nothing done.

To sum up, LADIES (cannot speak for men) do not come here if you actually plan to look good afterwards. If you want to have a horrible hair cut, have your hair almost pulled out of your head and then look like genital hair after all of the pain, then yeah, give it a go.

Yours sincerely,

April 22nd, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Today I had my 6. haircut done by Toni. First 5 was in the old location at Truc Bach.
Not much to say about the haircut itself - just perfect. Toni do for sure know what he is doing!

The new shop is very nice. Small but cosy and designed to make it work both for the customers and the ones working there.
It makes you relax and feel taken care of.

no photo available
April 12th, 2011 at 9:54 pm

I have been a regular client of Tony's for some time and I am pleased to see he has opened up his own hair salon. Tony studied in Bangkok for many years so he understands what foreigners are looking for. It also helps as he is fluent in English, there are no "lost in translation" moments here which is what you want when you are trusting somebody with your hair and image.

If you are in need of a change, give Tony a try I am sure you will be pleased with the result. Oh yeah he is dirt cheap too...

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